Action Week Dominant Massage 13 - 19 March


1h Try something new at a special price

BDSM is exciting and full of new types of play that want to be tried out. Of course, the team members at LUX know this too. That's why we've come up with something very special for you: our action week.

Each action week offers you a very special theme to immerse yourself in. From 13 to 19 March, we will kick off with a dominant massage.

The dominant massage is a seductive experience that combines relaxing and arousing holds with BDSM games. Some also call it erotic massage with a bite. It is ideal for people who are interested in BDSM but have not yet found the right entry point.

In an intimate 1:1 setting you can enjoy your devotion and discover new territory. Maybe you feel like sensory deprivation and light bondage? Or you want to feel the tingling pain of the flogger on you? Some also like deeper massages in places that are usually left out. That and more is possible.

And this is how it works with your application for an appointment:

You send an email to and name your desired date during the campaign week. One of the participating people from the team will then select you and contact you. Then you can get started. If a special is also offered by our men, you can explicitly select which gender the person should have.

The best thing about the action week? Our team, of course, and the opportunity to try out new things. The second best thing is the price: the hour costs only 230,-€.

But beware: the dates are limited and when they are all full, there are no more. It's best to sign up now.

The date must be during the promotion week in order to benefit from the promotion price.
You don't have a choice of person, but you can choose the gender.
We choose you. So make an effort with your cover letter :)


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