A bizarre session of mine - by MadameX


A tale of erotic domination

We haven’t met yet.

We just had a small talk on the phone or a couple of mails sent to set a date and to understand what we could do together.
Voices and sounds are a fetishes for me, I can feel the excitation while talking and the atmosphere that starts to be filled with desires even if we’re still far from each other.
But this is never enough for me, I want to make it real, I want to touch your body and I want to be touched as well, sometimes grabbed, I want to hear your voice and the sounds that you are able to create, I want to play you like  if you were a musical instrument, exploring all the melodies that each corner of you has the power to resonate with.

I am in Studio waiting, I go to the bathroom to pee and I change my dress afterwards, there’s a black new one that I like particularly and I want to wear very often, so I choose it.
It’s tight and polished, but with a big transparent insert on the back and a small part of my butt is visible from there, just a small part…
Then it’s time for the shoes, I love that black high heels opened ahead so I can show the red nail polish shining on my toes.

Red, like my lipstick and my long hair.

A necklace, a metallic bracelet, and I go for a coffee.
The room is ready, I love particularly the Red Salon in the Studio so if it is free I choose that one, it’s cosy, intimate, hot.
You cannot escape my presence there, you cannot avoid the temptation of touching me and melt together into the lusty charming passionate atmosphere.

I am upstairs drinking my coffee, and the door bell rings.
I pick up the receiver and again our voices meet there, this time is just about some short indications about how to reach the Studio through the backyard then I leave the door open, waiting for you.
When our eyes first meet there’s immediately an exchange, a communication about how the session will be, but it’s not enough yet.
It’s time instead to enter the room, to take off your jacket, sit down and start a small talk.
It’s there that the real story begins.

It’s between your words and my words, it’s in the middle of your will to tell me your desires while you look at me sitting already on the bed, but with crossed legs, listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat.
The game is already started.

I leave you alone then, I want you to start to be the protagonist of the story and to have some time to arrange your stage.
So take off your clothes now, lie down in bed, breathe deeply and close your eyes, that door will open again in a while and I will be back.
This time in between is so exciting, isn’t it?
So it is.

The door opens.
And now I am entering the room silently, holding a cane in my hands.
You are lying down in bed on your back, now the red bed sheet is making a beautiful background for the color of your skin and I can see your hidden side from the big mirror behind the bed, as I can see myself entering the room with a solemn attitude holding the cane like I would have held a scepter.
Just some steps and I reach you.

You asked me to tie you up to the bed, and I do it as soon as I reach you, with leather handcuffs, both wrists and ankles.
You asked me to let you feel pain and play with your nipples and I will do it, it is one of my favorite games to overcome the pain level.
You asked me to spank your ass and I am only looking forward to turn you upside down and let my hands land strongly on your naked skin.
You asked me to be nasty and have no mercy and I will.

But you asked me also to touch my body.

You ask me to sink your face between my breast as a relief from all the suffering that you are affront to gain that pleasure.
And I promised that I will let you do it.

And that’s how it is, after the first trance from the nipples torture is over and I heard you already screaming I bend my body over your head, freeing my breast from the dress and the bra to let it fall over your face, covering it all.
You are already excited, I see it, and your breath now has an higher frequency, could be time to tie your genitals up and hear again your screams adding more nipples play.
But now you want to touch my breast with your hands, asking me to free them from the handcuffs.
You have to deserve this, let’s make a deal,I am going to spank your naughty ass and only after that you will touch me again.

Canes, I love canes.
I love them not only on asses, I love them especially underneath the feet, in the hidden part of the legs, on calves, on tied balls.
So it’s time to show me your ass, to let it meet my magic stick.
Just some time to free your wrists and ankles and here we go, be fast and turn around.
Such a nice ass….looks soft, receptive and pure, like a baby’s ass.
And it is such a pleasure to let the cane fall down on it, slower and softer in the beginning, then harder and harder.
And red is not only the color of the walls in the room, not only my hair and my lipstick, not only the nail polish on my toes.

Now the red color has expanded its presence also on your ass’s skin, which is tuning its own symphony with the low frequencies of the light spectrum around, and your voice is modulating more and more according with the movements of your body, twisting and turning like a prisoned snake.
It excites me so much.
You ask for touching me, almost begging and craving to hold my breast again in your hands.
And I am magnanimous, I am sweet and I care for you, and I decide that it is time to let you rest lying down on my welcoming body.
I come closer, I lie down near you and I hear you’re heavily breathing, sweating, and you’re very excited.
Now our bodies touch each other, you come closer to my breast and start kissing it, sucking my nipples, grabbing it with your hands.

The session is still open…maybe it is time for you to touch yourself, or maybe you will ask me to do that.
Only the ones who’ll make this real will see what’s next.

Looking forward.


Author: MadameX

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