Getting in contact with our bodies, this is one of the keys to allowing full expression. There are many outside stimuli. We can chose how we come back to the present awareness at our core. We each of us spend many hours in our minds. I invite you to participate in returning to your sensual self.
Let us begin with simplest of elements – skin, breath and touch. How can we be touched?
How do we desire to be touched? What are we allowing to be touched? We will take our time to explore qualities, depth and our sense of touch. Alone, with a partner and as a collective. Taking time to develop an appreciation of subtle nuisances of the body signals, that we are giving off and what we are receiving in return. Listening with all of our senses to embrace a more whole and full experience of ourselves in this form, this body.
Within our time together, we will explore using the simplest of tools – our bodies and a blindfold. We will slow down and become more conscious of our pace. Embracing the now of each moment. Releasing into sensation.
I will aim to share my knowledge of sensual play, basic pressure points, providing a safe space, movement, communication, connection and anatomy. Offering advice and tools on consent, saying no, dealing with rejection, open receiving, conscious giving, energy exchange, finding boundaries – your own and those of others, acceptance of expression.
There will be some nudity. No one is expected to go any farther than s/he is comfortable with. You are in control and responsible for your experience. I am there to facilitate and co-create with you. Providing an environment which gives rise to full expression, whatever that means for you.
Let's take an adventure together. Let's be Touched

comfortable clothing

Suited for all on a beginners or intermediate level.

Snacks and drinks are included in the price.



Caritia is a Berlin based queer, woman of colour (Afro-Caribbean decent) who explores transformation, shadow aspects and communication through BDSM. Her work brings to light the growth potential of exploring fears and shadows. Caritia is a fearless priestess dominant and warrior of ritual, using shamanic practices and ritual in conjunction with her over 18 years experience within BDSM. Caritia's R.A.C.K - (risk aware consensual kink,) advocacy help those who chose to work with her, the space to truly own their journey of self-empowerment and exploration.

Caritia is an experienced professional Dominatrix, BDSM Practitioner and conscious kink educator, creating and running her own unique workshops and sessions for individuals, couples and groups since 2012, commencing in Berlin and travelling throughout Europe and Internationally.

Caritia's aim is to share her knowledge and experience from a perspective of honouring oneself (body, mind, spirit), whilst exploring the inner and outer spheres of the body. Using breath, meditation, bdsm practices, sensation play and Japanese style inspired rope bondage. Creating an environment for secure, mindful, communication and interaction. Giving space to explore the challenging and often unexplored landscape and temple that is “your body”.



date: please check the schedule on the right

time: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

place: Studio Lux

costs: 95,- Euro
 or 85,- Euro for members of BesD or Hydra
You can also pay on the day in cash