Ritual & Worship


A 2 days workshop in English 13th 14th April

We participate in routines every day. We consume, waste, devour, take, tease, abuse, wear, tear, talk, break rules, as well as follow instructions. We are constantly in the manner of doing. Whether this is habit formed, socially pressured, peer expected, the reasons are many and varied, with little time to consider the 'why' of an act. Would we perhaps look at each of these parts of our day differently, if we valued the essentialism of these elements in our lives.
This work is about reclaiming rites of passage. A moment to pause. Honouring the beauty of simple task.
The worship of a passion. Surrendering into receiving. The pursuit of giving. Discovering the meditation in the menial. Respecting rules and following of a guide. The jubilation of a body content in it's chosen place. Our bodies have much to share, often we are too busy doing, rather than listening. So it is in our lives and connections.
In this time we will work together with the aim to reignite the value of each moment. We will explore the essence of tasks requested and undertaken. What supports each of us through the mundane? A smile from one whom we admire, perhaps. The approval of a job well done. Acceptance of an act not favoured, for the chance to gaze in the eyes of the tormentor.
We will dive into what our natures, cycles and biorhythms, attending to what is waiting to be expressed or exposed. What are our wants. Dare we speak our inner truth. Inflaming our devotion to live in the beauty of now. Seeking the pleasure in the details without religious dogma or dictatorship. Without guilt or shame, embracing what we love (our quirks and kinks). Invoking our personal alchemy and delving into those things which bring us to life. The erotic pleasure of serving (giving) and being served (receiving).
Fearlessly demanding, courageously taking, unquestioningly accepting, continuously committed to reaching our core. Discovering the joy, self confidence and self belief those acts can bring.
Through experimentation with ritual, honouring and worship we will ride to other levels of ourselves.
Appreciating the structure, as well as the restructuring of our boundaries and personal limits. Giving way to the freedom to truly breath and be our authentic selves, supported and without judgement. The essence is self exploration with your follow participants being your mirrors.
This workshop can include exercises in meditation, breath and vocal work, icebreakers, movement and grounding exercises. Primal play, explorations into power and energy exchange, acceptance and surrender, sensation play, gender dynamics, gender fluidity, open attention, presence and listening.
BDSM elements will also be introduced and can include D/s, role play, pain/pleasure play, sensory deprivation, bondage, humiliation.
This workshop will work with R.A.C.K principals and an open dialogue regarding consent.

A ritual "is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence."[1] Rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, including a religious community. Rituals are characterized by formalism, traditionalism, invariance, rule-governance,
sacral symbolism and performance.[2]

Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader. Worship asserts the reality of its object and defines its meaning by reference to it. The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning worship, honour shown to an object,[2] which has been etymologised as "worthiness or worth-ship"—to give, at its simplest, worth to something

Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK, also isk-accepted consensual kink) is an acronym used by some of the BDSM community to describe a philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks. This is often viewed in contrast to safe, sane, and consensual which generally holds that only activities that are considered safe, sane, and consensual are permitted.

comfortable clothing

Suited for all on a beginners or intermediate level.

Snacks and drinks are included in the price.



Caritia is a Berlin based queer, woman of colour (Afro-Caribbean decent) who explores transformation, shadow aspects and communication through BDSM. Her work brings to light the growth potential of exploring fears and shadows. Caritia is a fearless priestess dominant and warrior of ritual, using shamanic practices and ritual in conjunction with her over 18 years experience within BDSM. Caritia's R.A.C.K - (risk aware consensual kink,) advocacy help those who chose to work with her, the space to truly own their journey of self-empowerment and exploration.

Caritia is an experienced professional Dominatrix, BDSM Practitioner and conscious kink educator, creating and running her own unique workshops and sessions for individuals, couples and groups since 2012, commencing in Berlin and travelling throughout Europe and Internationally.

Caritia's aim is to share her knowledge and experience from a perspective of honouring oneself (body, mind, spirit), whilst exploring the inner and outer spheres of the body. Using breath, meditation, bdsm practices, sensation play and Japanese style inspired rope bondage. Creating an environment for secure, mindful, communication and interaction. Giving space to explore the challenging and often unexplored landscape and temple that is “your body”.




date: please check the schedule on the right

time: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

place: Studio Lux

costs: 190,- Euro
 or 170,- Euro for members of BesD or Hydra
You can also pay on the day in cash