Embarrassment, Interrogation, Pat Play & Baby Play

1st Part

Your own shame

Everyone knows shame, even little children.
Shame is, much like fury, an emotional state that many endeavor to avoid.
Others love it - and use shame and embarrassment consciously for erotic stimulation and rollplaying.

It can be both very uncomfortable and very lusty - but it is always obviously palpable.
Shame is sumptuous.
It protects our innermost core, and minds our dignity and integrity.

To make one shameful, to celebrate it, to bathe in it, can be highly erotic. Conversely, it can be very satisfying to let another do this to you, and truly lose yourself in the pleasure of it all.

In the first part of the workshop, we will examine our own experiences with shame and embarrassment through conversations and body and breath exercises.

2nd Part

Negotiation, Safety and Aftercare

In the second part, we focus on finding a pleasurable healing treatment at the end of a shaming session.

Whoever shames or humiliates others in the play, will sooner or later come up against their own inner beast, and experience the humiliation thrown right back at themselves. What does it take to properly tackle a real asshole, while still caring for oneself? How much if it is really presentation? What does proper aftercare entail?

3rd Part
Shaming others, and allowing oneself to be shamed: Games and exercises dealing in humiliation

Whoever wishes to be humiliated, needs intent.
This is not meant as intellectual bullshitting or exaggerated psychoanalysis, rather as a heartfelt desire behind the request of 'interrogate and rough me up' or 'make me blush'. Maybe it's actually 'I want an intense orgasm' or 'I want to be rid of my ego for a while', or 'I want to know what it's like to feel shame on my own terms, rather than being exposed to it unexpectedly'.

Various scenarios and rollplay options will be suggested and discussed, and if desired, can be sampled in short play bouts. Who does not wish to participate, may use this time instead for planning of humiliation scenarios.

In order to create a trusting atmosphere where tops, bottoms and switches can be exchanged not only for the fun of it, but also for insecurities, worry or mocked games, there is often the possibility to divide up into smaller groups. Sensitivity and deference on all levels is expected of participants.

Suitable for:
The Summer course is strictly for sexworkers
The Autumn course is open for all

Refreshments are included in the course price.
Afternoons we can go to a delicious cafe directly neighbouring our studio. (Cost not included in the course price.)



Emma Steel

Performance artist and domina in Berlin, Hof Franken and Toronto. She is interested in communication sex parameters, that break conventional molds, in humour in sessions and how we can become closer to our own inner monsters while simultaneously remaining professional. In her diverse workshops she finds it important to make mistakes and ask stupid questions, thereby making communal learning possible.

Tel: 0176 - 7857 1794


Course information:

Date: See column at right

Time: 11:00 - 19:00

Location: Studio Lux

Cost: 95 Euro or 85 Euro for members of BesD, Hydra, or sex workers rights activists
On site payment is possible

Only with advance registration