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Playing with fire is quite spectacular and a lot of fun. Most people have a natural fear of fire. Playing with that fear makes fireplay even more exciting! But we shall never forget that playing with fire is in fact quite dangerous. Fireplay is a R.A.C.K. activitity and therefore it is very important to make sure you know exactly what you are doing.
Fire can cause mean burns on the skin and there is a real danger of objects catching fire, which can lead to a big fire and many casualties.
That is why the workshop will start with information about risks and how to avoid them as much as possible.

After that you will be guided through the different techniques and ways one can enjoy the playing with fire in an erotic way. Starting with the simplest technique of going along the skin with a burning torch, continuing with more advanced techniques like firepainting, fireflogging and the spectacular effects of flashcotton and firefluids. During this tour you will be given the opportunity to try things out, practice and experience the feeling yourself. You also will get information about the materials you can use, how to use them as safe as possible, what you need for them and/or where you can purchase them. This workshop will not make you a professional fireplayer in one day, but will provide you with the knowledge you need to practice safely for that.

After the workshop you will receive a handout with all the important information given in this workshop.

Wear only cotton, linen, or leather clothing. Do not wear artificial fibers (nylon, PVC, latex etc.).
In case you want to practice, avoid the use of lotions, powders, sprays, oils, perfume or glitter products.



MsParin and caeneus are experienced players in the international BDSM community. They did teach workshops on various BDSM topics all over Europe. They are very much into playing with (hot) sensations, fear and humiliation. They want to inspire and be inspired.



date: please check the schedule on the right

time: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

place: Studio Lux

costs: 120,- Euro
 or 100,- Euro for members of BesD or Hydra
You can also pay on the day in cash