Practice & Play evening

What is learned wants to be practiced, new things want to tried out, and curiosity desires to be satisfied.

The FemDom Salon invites interested ladies, as well as the participants of our training days to an authentic practice evening. We will play together with selected people and toys in a safe environment. All 3 rooms are at our disposal, and spontaneous refresher courses are available during the game as desired, so everyone can practice what they've learned, under professional guidance.

Even ladies who are interested yet inexperienced, who would like to attend an evening of female dominance, look at the studio, or get first hand practical insights into the world of professional S&M are most welcome.

A side note to interested couples:

You should be able to physically participate in our event in the dynamic of FemDom / Sub. The lady is then responsible for her sub. Of course, he or she can be lent to the other participants.
Please note that this is an active play party, therefore standing back and only observing is not desired. We have found that this interrupts the flow of the game to the other participants. Couples are also allowed to play with each other.

After a short studio tour and an introduction of the rules, a handful of selected activities will be presented. Short demonstrations of individual examples begin the play evening. As necessary we are available for help and guidance or for spontaneous lessons throughout the workshop.

For the inexperienced guests who would like to learn more about the possibilities of provessional S&M in advance, we offer a short round robin wherein the basics can be discussed. A transvestite maid will serve refreshments and glasses of prosecco. There may additionally be a demonstration of bondage or S&M.

Available practice subs are ideally experienced in S&M, communicative, well groomed, reliable and trustworthy, and generally have a healthy curiosity for new experiences, as well as a medium level tolerance for use in such parties. They enjoy being the center of attention in a womens' evening, and find it thrilling to be available for demonstrations, service, and pampering. Some subs are suitable for more intense play evenings.

Please send a detailed description of experience and a clothed photo to info@ladyvelvetsteel.com.

A short impression of the first FemDom salon, previously called Lady Velvet's FemDom Salon, can be found here: Overview of the salon (LINK)

Suitable for:
All participants of our workshops interested in professional S&M
FemDom / sub couples, who would like to experience such interactive play

Refreshments are included in the course price.



Velvet Steel

Classic dominance - working as a Domina since 2007, Germany wide with copious experience in various studios, as an escort as well as online. Trained advertising photographer, studied social work, worked for many years in integrative child and youth services. Experienced in both youth and adult further education.

Website: www.ladyvelvetsteel.com
Email: ws@ladyvelvetsteel.com
Tel: 0152 - 232 95 646

Johanna Weber

Bizarre and tangible dominance - working since 2009 in various bordellos and studios in Germany and Switzerland. During her studies she worked as a prostitute and escort, followed by 11 years in marketing. After landing a Germany wide leadership position, she made the choice to return to sex work. After a few experiments she found her place as a domina, for physical closeness and dominance are anything but contradictory.

Website: www.johannaweber.de
Email: Info@johannaweber.de
Tel: 0151 - 1751 9771

Emma Steel

Performance artist and domina in Berlin, Hof Franken and Toronto. She is interested in communication sex parameters, that break conventional molds, in humour in sessions and how we can become closer to our own inner monsters while simultaneously remaining professional. In her diverse workshops she finds it important to make mistakes and ask stupid questions, thereby making communal learning possible.

Website: www.lady-emma-steel.com
Email: lady_emma_steel@gmx.de
Tel: 0176 - 7857 1794


Salon Information:

Date: will be announced
Time: 18:00 - approx. 22:00

Location: Studio Lux


Ladies 20 Euro
Private couples 50 Euro
(Man will not be used as demonstation object)

Demonstration object 100 Euro
(after confirmed registration from Lady Velvet Steel)

Only after advance registration