Vivien Fox

Sadism, sweetly delivered.


Alter: 36

Lieblingsaktivitäten in einer Session:
Natursekt, CBT, Face-slapping, Humiliation play, Training & Education

Aktuelles Lieblingsspielzeug:
Clamps. There is something incredibly hot about the rosy cheeks and pleading eyes, as the clamps tighten ever more. With a pull on the little chain, I can control your posture, keep you focused, or combine with bondage & toys for marvelously entertaining predicament play.
I love to hold your gaze as I release you from clamps after a long round of teasing and torture. Enjoying the pain and surprise in your eyes is one of life’s true delights.

Was für eine Domina bist du? Was macht dich dabei aus?
I am ladylike and elegant, but catch the glint in my eye and you’ll discover that behind this refined demeanor beats the heart of a true pervert.
Humiliation and objectification turn me on, and my sadistic tendencies are sweetly delivered. I like to tease out your shame while amusing myself with your body.
Sound excites me: Moans, sweet begging, the snap of a sharp flogger on vulnerable skin or the deepening of breath under the influence of intense sensations. I don’t like to raise my voice. I’d rather whisper sweetly in your ear, laugh when you amuse me or coo encouragement while you tremble, impressing me with your endurance.
I have a taste for classical training and service, and I thoroughly enjoy delivering discipline where it is required. On the other hand, I’m also drawn to the playful, unusual and outrageous, and I revel in the magic that comes with unbridled, unexpected play.
Roleplay is so much fun – sweet or nasty. Whether you’re my devoted pet, naughty student or a powerless toy for my amusement, tell me your fantasies and you’ll inspire my imagination.
I find beauty in a face softened with pain. And at the end of an intense session, stroking a vulnerable creature who’s given himself fully to me, I feel content.
When I open the door to you, I’m receiving a gift. I’m curious and excited to open you up.
Who knows what we will find? We have so many delicious possibilities before us, and no limits except our mutual consent.

Was ist Dominanz für dich?
Dominance to me is a form of celebration and appreciation. It’s an expression of my desire, playfulness, creativity and my caring nature. There’s a thrilling alchemy in wielding the untamed Id with control.
Dominance and submission are two halves of one whole. The joy I feel in dominance is interwoven with the respect I have for submission & devotion. I’m touched and aroused by your vulnerability when I have you under my power.

Was liebst du an SM?
It’s a world away from the everyday, where anything is possible. The playful lightness and powerful intensity that can come together in SM play make it so special. SM is a deeply intimate way to express and to uncover hidden parts of yourself with another person. And it’s so much fun!

Wie hast du angefangen mit diesen Job? Was hat sich seither verändert?
I have a voracious appetite for SM play, and I’m inspired by the intimacy that can be found when two strangers meet to share a very private part of themselves.

BDSM plays a vital role in my life and I continue to be surprised by the new kinks and discoveries that open up with each play session. I’m new at Studio Lux, and looking forward to see what I shall find.


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