The Ritual: Rite of Passage

by Fräulein Angelina

The Mother Performs the Sacred Ceremony on Her Son
He is led into the darkened room, lit only by some candles that reveal a low altar displaying the Holy Book and what looks like a metal bowl. The servant takes him right up to the bottom of the platform at one end of the room, where the priestess awaits him.
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When “forced” bi doesn't seem forced anymore

by Lady Vyra

A surprise guest
The bell rang and Kat Rix and I smiled at each other. “He's here!”
We saw Stefan a few months ago and had a lot of fun using him to fulfill our every desire. This time he had come to us with a special request. Tonight was the night he wanted to lose his virginity.
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The butler with special skills

by Miss Juliette

How the mouth dildo came into play
It was a cold and stormy night. How did I end up in the king-sized bed, passionately intertwined with Vyra, Vivien and the butler?
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The object of my amusement

by Vivien Fox

Today, he would be no-one
My latest pair of high heels arrived beautifully packaged in a black silk bag. As I removed the shoes to wear for my upcoming play session with M, I was struck by the scent of new leather that clung to the bag.
M entered, as always, quietly.
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He was totally free, but not at all

by Ron_Hades

Edging and Bondage Play
I left him on the bed, blindfolded. He could still hear, but no sound could help him imagine what was about to happen.
He hadn’t wanted to talk about the session before coming at the studio. We hadn’t made any plans. He had no idea what was coming.
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Family Ties

by Lady Vyra

Hot brother/sister role play
I tied the bow of my silky, new school blouse and pouted at myself one last time in the mirror.
“Are Mom and Dad already gone?” I asked my brother as I walked through the door and saw him sitting alone in the living room.
“Sit down. I want to talk to you about something.” He said, ...
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TANTRA AND BDSM - An Essay from My Sadomasochistic Practice

by Pixie P. Magic

To what do we owe the recent closing of ranks between the strict dominas and the fluffy, enlightened hippies?Aren’t BDSM and Tantra radically opposed, sort of like prison wardens and social workers? Is there reallysuch a contradiction? Pixie the fluffy Dominatrix says: since we’re all together in the slammer and there’s someone on the outside baking us a pie with a file in it, it’s perfectly OK to be ready to break out of the existential doom.
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You will be taken - by Lady Kat Rix

by Lady Kat Rix

Martin visits me once in a while for long, fun, dirty sessions, where we dive deep into play, almost forgetting the rules of the real world. He always writes me in advance with some new ideas, challenging me to challenge him with bondage and punishment.
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A bizarre session of mine - by MadameX

by Madame X

We haven’t met yet.

We just had a small talk on the phone or a couple of mails sent to set a date and to understand what we could do together.
Voices and sounds are a fetishes for me, I can feel the excitation while talking and the atmosphere that starts to be filled with desires even if we’re still far from each other.
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“What do you find so exciting about scat sessions?”

by Lady Vyra

Our dirty little secret

I get asked this question a lot. It is something that I have put a lot of thought into, especially because scat was something I hadn’t tried before I started working as a pro-domme and it is now one of my favorite things to do. I had heard about it, of course, but it never piqued my interest.
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