Dolores Maria

Sensual goddess that loves to hear you scream



Favourite activities:
caning, golden showers, restrictions, foot worship, role-play

Current favorite toy:
My ropes.
I want you to sacrifice yourself to me. I want to see your helpless eyes being absolutely devoted to my unpredictable will. To my powerful, hands giving you just the right amount of suffering and nurture you need right  here, right now. I want you to experience my ropes as part of myself trapping your body and liberating your mind. I want you to experience your body as a cage and open it’s door so that all of those beautiful laud birds can fly out.

What kind of a domina / bizarre lady are you?
What makes you different?
My body is a temple and you will treat it as such. I love and deserve your worship. My feet, my wonderful breasts and the hair all over my body, my sharp mind and creativity are a miracles to be adored and celebrated.

I am a beautiful witch. I will bewitch you into tears of pain and joy with my marvelous fingers, palms, legs and feet and all kinds of beautifully crafted toys. I will hit you hard and smile while doing so. Your pain is my pleasure. I want you to accept it and honour it as a gift that it is.
Nevertheless, I enjoy dynamics. I am also very kind, loving and tender. My touch not only hurts but also heals and warms you up as if you were bathing in clouds.

I want you to die. Don’t worry, I don’t want to kill you physically. But, in my session, i want you to allow yourself to die. To let go of your past traumas, the big ego of a strong stable person- the heavy facade you put on every morning, of your idea of how proper man or woman should behave and feel. I want you to leave your restrictive shell behind. Caught up in my ropes. I want to hit it and see how it’s falling into pieces like a broken mirror. And i want your inner vulnerable self to jump out and show me who they really are. What they really feel and which huge emotions they are capable of expressing. And when you’re going home, i want you to leave your old shell where you dropped it and enjoy the lightness and freshness with which you are dancing through the world now.
You have felt it before. If you are truly willing to surrender to me, you will come out reborn. Those who dare to die and wake up again deserve a huge portion of my respect and honour.

What is dominance for you?
Dominating someone feels like becoming one for a while. Floating on sub’s wavelengths and navigating them into direction you consider beneficial for both of you. Taking what you want, giving what they need.
Being dominated has a large healing potential. It can put you into very altered states of mind and
relieve all the emotions and tensions that are no longer serving you.
As a witch, I am mixing up my sessions as a powerful and magical elixir of lust, pleasure and torture with a sweet cherry of trust and connection inside. And I am looking forward to see you savouring every single drop!

What do you love about SM?
SM feels like a spaceship investigating a parallel universe. The universe created between the two or more parties involved. Both of us are escaping our everyday lives, casual thoughts and familiar feelings and heading towards an exciting attractive journey to the intense, passionate and unpredictable space which can’t be entered by anyone but us.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
I was actually very kinky and sadistic since I was a little girl. I was always engaging in very special games with my toys and female friends. All my life, I am just fascinated by overwhelming feelings and dark unexplored corners of minds and bodies.
I used to work in many conventional speres in the past but i got bored by the repetitive and casual spirit of such jobs as quickly as i got bored by vanilla sex. I consider myself having far bigger potential then this. I want walk on edges and jump from a peak to peak. That’s why I chose to be your Witch & Goddess.