Harriet Hert

Come get messy with me


Age: 25

Favourite activities in a session:
Giving pain
‘First times’
Taboo role-plays
Natural juices - yours and mine.

Current favourite toy:
Messy hands.
Should we oil each other up and slip and slide between one another’s creases? Or are already imagining a relaxing massage. With the eroticism increasing by the minute, perhaps you’d like to try out my tricks of tease and denial or some anal exploration; it’s a hidden treasure that shouldn't be left unexplored!

What kind of switch are you? What makes you special?
As a switch, I am capable of understanding both the headspace of a dominant and and also submissive. I know the feeling of surrendering and being in total trust of one’s leader, as much as I know the tricks and twisted ways of  taking charge of the one before beneath me.

As a dominant, I am caring and fair. The tenderness from my passive side flows into style as a Dom. As much as I spank I will kiss and caress. My voice and nature are soft, but don’t let that fool you.

As a submissive, I am a cheeky and versatile. The demanding attributes of my dominant side flow into my role as a passive. I have a thing for creating a mess. Whether I’m disrupting the game you’ve set in place or spreading about your juices... let’s see what beauty we can create through havoc.

A keen interest of mine lies in developing my erotic embodiment skills. Think of me as your assistant, there to guide you along your explorative journey. I enjoy meeting with clients whom are interested in expanding their sexual capabilities through breath work and conscious touch/play.

*I prefer to leave my body naturally hirsute and really enjoy seeing when this excites you.

What do you love about SM?
The open minded and experimental environment which allows us to tap into the present moment and let go of inhibitions. Together we can rewrite a scenario or recreate a missed opportunity. I believe that within this safe environment there is opportunity to heal.
Through BDSM play, intimacy occurs in such a small amount of time. I am captivated by the nature of the interaction between two who were moments ago strangers.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
My opinion on such a profession was influenced as a teenager, through watching late night crime television shows long past my bedtime. It was in these shows that I developed an unusual admiration. I saw through the typical stereotypes and negative labels society attaches to sex workers. To me, they were strong, independent and sassy role models.
I entered into the sex industry out of pure curiosity. I wanted exploring my sexuality to be an essential and ongoing journey in my life. To dive deeper into this eclectic and secretive area and to accept it in all of it’s forms. I find joy in the freedom, pleasure, intimacy and independence that I experience with my work.