Priestess, shamanic bdsm for healing. Ritual dominance


Age: 46

Favourite activities in a session:
Shibari – Japanese inspired Rope Bondage
Sensation and Impact Journeying
Primal Play
Ritual Dominance

Current favourite toy:
My body.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am a creative and instinctual dominant. I see the body as an instrument. The body of a submissive is a raw untuned violin, fine tuning happens as it is stroked, keys are turned and the created pitch is found. Intensity excites me. I'm gently spoken, commanding and authoritative. I feel the work I do offers a healing aspect. An opportunity to reconnect to oneself and true nature.

What makes you special?
My skill with Shibari – Japanese Inspired rope bondage. My joy is in the practice of ritual and protocol. I see bdsm as a form of creative expression. A way to change and transform a state of being. It's a passion I live each day. It's about intention, presence and energy I bring to a space. I combine body work, bdsm and sensuality. I am one who values intelligent submission, I am not looking for doormats. I enjoy the shared experience, I want to find a connection with those who wish to submit in my presence. I want to empower you to be strong and open within your surrender. I desire to play on the edge, to bring you to a deep place of knowing and understanding of yourself. In turn you can choose to please me or decide to defy. I truly want to feel your essence, your willingness to submit.
I see art within bdsm. Just as there is alchemy in cooking, bdsm has a special kind of chemistry. Mixing dominance, communication, trust, surrender, submission and a mutual adoration of what is different. You will see crystals, tarot cards, singing bowls and incense incorporated into my work. I was born in the UK to Afro-Caribbean parents. I aim for serious fun.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Dominance and submission are gifts. Dominance and submission is a dance. It's a ritual. A space in which consenting adults can explore desire, kink, fetish and taboos. A place where my dominance can truly express itself. Giving rise for conscious surrender to emerge. Feeling the eroticism of power exchange. Responsibilities and care taken on both sides. I place for healing and the changing of patterns.

What do you love about SM?
I personally find pain and intense sensation erotic. I have experience and an understanding of both sides. Taking the body on a journey, finding body boundaries. There is a catharsis within this style of expression. The dynamic can take so many different forms – meditative, healing, play, stress relief, elevating, uplifting and most importantly bring us back into our bodies. SM brings with it presence, tuning in and honesty. I love to challenge body and mind – both a stronger than many wish to accept. I find suffering beautiful. A soul with a desire to please and endure, to see me smile, laugh and reward such valour.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
I began after an invitation from a submissive to join a Mistress party in London, 10 plus years ago. From there I continued exploring and meeting people within the London club scene. I am always asking myself “What excites me about being a FemDom?” Communication and consent between those engaging in the D/s dynamic allows, in my humble opinion, for a deeper expression and diving into the space of oneself. I like to educate and guide. The trust shared between dominant and submissive, is beautiful. Especially when ego is removed from the equation. Being at service and taking that unexpected, unpredictable voyage of discovery, with a dominant who knows her mind.
What's changed? I have! I live in Berlin and travel around Europe giving sessions and teaching workshops. I choose to embrace my dominance, on all levels. I have clearer and different perspective of the lifestyle I love. I embrace and embody my archetypes, to allow all my aspects to be seen. I prefer to engage with those who are seeking more than sexual/sensual pleasure of the body. Those who have a calling to serve.  I wish to connect body and mind, for a senatorial experience on both sides. Valuing oneself gives rise to a deeper place of honouring, worship, respect and the finding of pleasure. This brings balance, recognises the responsibility on all sides Allowing for boundaries to develop a wider scope, without being trampled on. I enjoy diving into what people call shadow, to bring light, giving space to different journey. I find pleasure playing with the dark side, it is amazing what can be found there, in those places people fear. There is much to be learnt from within. I like my sessions to take on a transformative quality for all involved.

Please note:
I will not engage with anyone under the influence of drink or drugs, as my preference is to alter states naturally.